Imagine a bright, spacious conference hall. People taking their seats and waiting attentively for your presentation. You deliver your message in an assured confident style. You interact with the audience, sharing experiences, and answering questions.

Now, imagine hundreds or even thousands of people taking their seats and watching you from the convenience of their own location. You’re prepared, rehearsed and ready in front of the cameras, delivering an engaging, persuasive message. You interact with the viewers, they ask questions and want to know more..

What’s the difference between these two scenarios?

In both cases, you engage your audience and interact with them, but in the second case your communication is projected to a much wider audience and at a far lower cost to you and them.

This is live video streaming.

In today’s world where time is precious and budgets are tight, live streaming offers significant advantages over traditional events.

So, what are some of the ways you can benefit from live streaming?

Here are 5 very popular ways your business could use live streaming:

Panel discussions or interviews with subject experts.

You have a topical theme or industry news to discuss with subject experts and want to share this information with your audience. Involve the audience by surveying their thoughts with live polling. It can also help to position your brand as industry innovators.

CEO addressing shareholders or employees.

Live streaming provides the ideal platform for delivering key messages to stakeholders and employees. For example, organisational changes, financial results, industry developments. It adds a ‘personal’ touch to these communications through a more dynamic, friendly feel.

Communicate with Partners.

Deliver key information to business partners keeping them updated and informed about what’s going on in your business and industry. Live streaming is a very cost-effective and engaging medium to build trust and credibility with your partner community.

Deliver a presentation or training session to your colleagues.

You are an international company and have employees in many different countries. You want to arrange a training session to deliver to your colleagues. However, visiting international offices is very expensive and time consuming, not to mention the impact it has on your home life. Why not film and stream these sessions live and interact with colleagues in real-time through Q&A? The recorded presentations can be added to your site or a media platform. So anyone who misses it can watch the footage at a later date.

Launch a new product to a global audience.

You have developed and are about to launch a new product. You want to inform and educate your clients and partners about its features and benefits. Your global audience are ‘tuned in’ and watching your live presentation, which includes key management and product experts from your company. Viewers can ask questions and you can poll them during the event to gauge their interest on specific topics.

In Summary

When your business requires you to engage with your internal or external audience, live video streaming could provide an alternative platform with additional benefits when compared with more traditional forms of communication.

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