We Create Video Galleries for Your Website

Show case your best video content with a video gallery optimised for conversion and customised for your company’s brand
A video gallery is a curated collection of your video content, organised intuitively so your audience can find, interact and engage with your video content. At the back-end we add powerful analytics to measure engagement and at the front-end we add interactive features to improve conversion. If you’re in the business of marketing video content then a video gallery could really enhance your results.

Video Gallery Styles

Organise your video content by categories and sub-categories. Allow viewers to use a search bar to find the content relevant to them.
Showcase your latest content on the Gallery ‘home page’. Link videos to relevant articles, blog pages or events. Add a call to action.
Organise event videos such as speaker presentations, panel discussions or interviews. Make it easy for viewers to search and find the on-demand content they need.

Video Gallery Styles

Organise your video content by categories and sub-categories. Allow viewers to use a search bar to find the content relevant to them.

Why Create a Video Gallery

Customised Design

Create a customised video gallery with a design and layout that fits the purpose of your content.

Have viewers subscribe to receive your new video content.

improve seo

Improve your website SEO with auto injected metadata and ‘leap frog’ your competitors.

User Experience

Keep visitors engaged in your website content for longer leading to higher conversion and more leads.

Improve Navigation

Organise your video content so your website visitors can easily find what they need

Heat Maps

Track individual viewers’ engagement so you can see who watched your videos, for how long and which sections. Your business development team can then use this as a call-to action.

Track Video Performance

Track video engagement. For example, how long do viewers watch, where do they drop-off, what section do they re-watch. Use A/B testing to see which videos work best.

Google Integration

Integrate your video content with google analytics to track and measure user behaviour

Interactive Video

Use interactive video to increase engagement and conversion. Improve in-video navigation with chapters and embedded links to other content. Add a CTA in your videos.

Digital Campaigns

Integrate video content with your digital campaigns; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. When a viewer watches a video re-target them later with fresh content.

How We Deliver the Service

1.Review your current video strategy
2.Define goals for your video gallery
3.Explore design options to meet required criteria
4.Create 2 or 3 options for you to review
5.Build and implement approved design
6.Upload and curate video content (client required)

Ongoing Maintenance Service:

Upload new content as needed
Monitor video engagement analytics
Review sessions
to recommend improvements
Monitor video engagement analytics

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