FAQ - Live Streaming

Live streaming enables you to deliver your live event to your global audience.
Success of a live stream depends on a range of factors.
Here are some FAQs to help you understand the live streaming process.

Studio live streaming

How many people can we have in the studio for a panel discussion?

Six people including the moderator/host would be the maximum

What internet speed do you have in your studio?

Download = 90 MBPS - Upload = 87MBPS

Is it possible to have a separate rehearsel?

Yes, infact we would encourage this as it will really help preparing presenters for the live stream.

Is there a monitor for the presenters to see slides or for questions/prompting?

Yes this can be provided in the studio or on location.

How long are we allowed for our live stream? Are there any restrictions in terms of event start/finish time?

Typically, a live stream in our studio will last for around 35-60 minutes with Q&A. However, if we're filming and streaming an event it could be for the whole day. In theory, we're not limited to a specific timeframe and will work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

How long would you recommend for a live stream? What is a good programme length?

It really depends on the nature of the content and the audience. If it's a studio broadcast, 45 minutes with Q&A is long enough to include a reasonably deep level of discussion and still hold the audience attention. Out analytics show us that most remote viewers will watch for at least 30 minutes. For live event filming with an audience at the venue, we would suggest creating a program of live content so that remote viewers can drop in and out depending on the subject matter that interests them. As part of the event communication plan, we can help you build that program format.

What options can you provide for the studio set and background?

We have an infinity cove at the studio which is usually white but can be custom painted. If you have branded backdrops we can bring those into the set. We also have a range of venues where we film with different backdrops, city scapes, river back-drop etc.

Is autocue available?

Yes, Autocue is available if needed.

Do you provide a make-up artist?

Yes, we include a make-up artist as part of the service.

How many people from our team can be present during the live stream?

In theory the only limit is the space we have in the studio. We could probably have 5-8 people from your team present, not including the presenters. Typically, clients will limit their team to the key people required.

Location / Event Streaming

How many cameras would be needed?

We usually film with three cameras. One for the wide-shot, two for close-ups and audience shots (if required).

What internet speed would we need at the venue?

10MB upload minimum.

We have an AV team at the venue. Are you happy to work with them?

Yes, we are very used to working closely with the AV team at the venue. The most important requirement is that they can provide a quality sound feed for us to utilise.

Do we need to gain audience approval for filming and streaming our event?

This really depends on the nature and content of your event. We have a disclaimer template that you can use review here.

It's quite a small venue. How much space do you require for filming?

around 5m x 5m (with no audience).


Do you also provide a video post-event for on-demand viewing?

Yes, we will be able to provide these files to you with some basic editing if needed.

How quickly can I get the on demand version?

Usually, within 24-48 hours post event.

General questions

What is the best programme format?

Content that works well involves discussion and debate around a subject that is relevant to your audience. Take time to think about the subject matter and key topics. Look for recent events and news that have impacted the market you're targetting. Involve contributors in your panel that have different experiences and perspectives from across your industry.

Can you provide a professional presenter or moderator?

Yes, we use agencies that can provide a number of candidates for you to choose from. We may also be able to find someone with a journalistic background within your industry.

Can we add name straps to the video?

Yes, if you provide us with the names and titles we will prepare these assets for mising with the live video. They will also appear in the on-demand version.

Can we have an opening and closing ident that brands the content?

Yes, we can use any existing ident you may have or we can create one for you with our in-house team.

If we conduct a live poll, can we display the results on screen via the vision-mixer?

Yes, this would need to be planned in advance so that the vision mixer operator can set this up and will know when this is going to happen.

Can you provide subtitles during the live stream?

Currently, we don’t offer subtitling for live video but do provide this service in post-production. Also, some hosting platforms offer auto-generated subtitles and captions. The quality is generally quite good but if you need them to be 100% accurate we would have them created by a transcript service.

We have a remote presenter, based in another city that we would like to include. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible, however, we would need to prep the remote presenter in advance and make sure they are clear and comfortable with how this works. Often we will work with a local IT contact that will help set up their machine, web-cam, platform etc. We will always test this in advance to avoid any potential technical issues on the day.

Can you edit this content if needed?

We provide basic editing for the on-demand version; name straps, branding, ident etc. If you require extensive editing of the content we will need to quote for that separately.

What effect will the live stream have on our internal network? Do we need to talk to our IT team about streaming?

It depends on a number of factors including; your network infrastructure, the number of individual streams going across that infrastructure and the bit rate of the stream. We would usually work with your network team to assess any potential issues. Some tools such as Hive Streaming reduce the load on the network specifically for this purpse.

Are you able to provide your service in another country?

Yes, we have delivered live streaming services from within the US and Europe

streaming Platform

What streaming platform should I use? Can you recommend one?

Yes, we work with a number of platforms and if a client doesn’t have an existing solution we will recommend one based on their specific requirements. Some clients simply want to stream via FaceBook or Google Hangouts. This is fine too but there will be limitations with some of the 'mass market' platforms.

The content is highly sensitive and confidential and we want to have the live stream locked down so it can't be accessed by anyone not invited. How can you achieve this?

It is possible with some platforms to integrate the sign-up/login process with an organisation's single sign-on solution or with their active directory. This then establishes a highly secure process for authenticating users during the sign up process. It is also possible to restrict access to specific IP addresses.

How can we capture leads through the platform?

Leading up to the event most platforms will capture email addresses of the viewers. We can advise on platform.

Can you stream via Twitter/YouTube/FB/Vimeo?

We can stream to any social media platform that allows streaming.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can participate remotely?

In theory, there is no limit, however , there are a number of factors that are affected with larger numbers of concurrent viewers. For example, most platforms will charge more for higher numbers of viewers. There are potential technical infrastrucure challenges for streaming to a larger number.

Are they able to watch on a SmartPhone/iPad?

In most cases yes, provided the platform supports these devices and operating systems.

Can we brand the platform?

Most platforms allow for branding, with some offering more features than others. We can work with you to assist with customising the platform for your purposes.

How does it work with gathering audience questions and 'passing' those to the moderator/panel?

As the questions come to the host/orgainser they can be sent to the presenters laptop or tablet.

Can we integrate powerpoint slides? Can we have the slides and video player both on screen side-by-side?

Powerpoint slides can be shown on the streaming platform at the same time as the video (I.e. side-by-side) or we can 'cut' to the slide and show it full screen via the vision mixer. We would require all of the slides in advance with specific instructions on when they will need to be displayed and/or have someone dedicated to this role sitting next to the operator.

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