Top Tips for your Virtual Event

Here are some tips to improve your virtual events and some services available from us to assist you


We’ve seen in the last 2 months an unprecedented increase in businesses running online web-conferences and events. When we talk with our customers, we’ve found that many are struggling with how to generate best value from their events in a number of areas. These include; event registration and onboarding, preparing speakers, managing the production and creating on-demand content.

In response to this, we have put together some best practices that will hopefully help you to get the most out of your virtual events and deliver a superior viewing experience to your audience.

Check out our top 7 tips for running your virtual event

Camera set-up

Try and adjust your height and the computer/camera height so that you are roughly at eye level with the camera. You should roughly fit (framed) within two-thirds of the screen with a third gap at the top.

Use light effectively

The light source should be located behind the computer above the screen, ideally slightly to the left or right, so not directly facing the presenter.

Speakers & Moderator Preparation

Have a moderator who can interject when speakers go ‘off-piste’. Make a timetable, concise agenda and speaking guide.

Create engagement

With the event goals in mind, think about event follow up in advance. Immediate follow up can be an audience poll at the end of your event which creates immediate engagement.


Use ‘title cards’ which tells the audience what the subject is about. These can be used to break up the different sections.

Deliver an intuitive viewing experience with Interactive Video

Think from the viewers perspective. They don’t want to wade through a long video so break it down into chapters of the topics covered. Create a chapter menu so they can navigate quickly to that section.

Measure and learn from your viewing data to increase ROI

Utilise a hosting platform that will provide deep dive analytics. For example, see which sections of the event people are watching and re-watching to understand what the hot topics are.

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    About Our service

    Event Planning, Marketing and Technology

    It’s important to have a well-defined strategy and a plan to execute your event. We’ll work with you from selecting the best technology for your needs, creating the most appropriate format and event preparation, through to helping you develop the messaging and delivering that through a multi-channel marketing approach

    Pre-Production – Preparing Presenters

    We work closely with the speakers and moderator to guide them on their ‘home studio’ set up, such as lighting, positioning, audio and key tips when presenting on a webcam. Our aim is to take the headache out of this process and ensure all presenters are well prepared and feel comfortable on the day.

    Event Management and Production

    We’ll help set up the event in the platform to the specification that fits your needs best. We can also assist with moderating and audience Q&A as well as live monitoring of presenters and feedback via private webchat. For example, turn up mic volume, come into the centre of camera view etc.


    Creating a high quality on-demand version is crucial to building an audience. We record each presenter locally on their PC/Mac to achieve a higher quality output and then edit these video files together. We then add branding, name straps and include other graphics or slides where they are needed. We also edit together small ‘bite-size’ clips that can be used for promotion via social media.

    Interactive & Video Hosting

    The purpose of interactive video is to engage the viewer in the content for longer. For example, We add a chapter menu so the user can click and navigate to the sections of interest, easily. We also add a call-to-action or links to other relevant content. We can also provide detailed insight for video performance. For example, see what section people watch and re-watch.

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