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In these challenging times, our customers are asking us more than ever about how to deliver effective online content.

We’ve put together a selection of video services that we think could help you..

exclusive - package
  • 60-minute live stream with Q&A
  • Up to 4 presenters E.g. Panel discussion
* Live streaming platform not included.

Live streaming

Whether you’re running a virtual event or need to communicate an important message, our live video streaming service will help you to engage your audience wherever they are. With our service you can live stream a panel discussion or interview with subject experts, CEO addressing shareholders or employees, deliver a presentation or training session to your colleagues, or launch a new product to your global audience. Viewers can submit questions in real-time. And you can poll the audience, all through our user-friendly platform.

Key benefits:
  • Reach a wider audience than traditional events
  • More personal than recorded content
  • It’s interactive, which increases audience engagement
  • Very cost effective
  • Central London Studio (St Paul’s)

Lightboard video

Matt Anderson, professor at San Diego State University originally developed the ‘Learning Glass’ Lightboard, which he uses for his physics lectures. This video format involves a subject matter expert delivering their presentation straight to camera while drawing on a glass chalkboard pumped full of light. The presenter speaks facing the audience and the writing glows in front of them. The Lightboard allows explaining a complex subject in a very visual style that helps maintain the viewers’ attention.

Key benefits:
  • Educates your audience
  • Engaging and memorable
  • Perfect for lectures or learning sessions
  • Incorporate PowerPoint slides, graphics, or video
  • Upload to your platform or live stream from our studio as a virtual classroom
exclusive - package
  • 1 x 5-10 minute Lightboard Video
* Get in touch for more pricing options.
£1750 £1500*
exclusive - package
  • Convert an existing video to Interactive
  • Video up to 10 minutes’ long

Interactive video

Great video can be expensive to create, and so it’s essential to gain maximum value from your investment. We design and create interactive video to increase engagement and conversion. You provide us with your existing video file, and we develop and add the interactive elements, according to your brief. Whether it is for new content or converting your ‘back catalogue’, adding interactive elements will increase the ROI you generate from your video assets.

Key benefits:
  • Increased conversion by up to 3 to 4 times that of linear/passive video
  • Reduce the effect of the video ‘Cliff Edge’ where 40-50% of viewers drop off
  • Link videos together (branching), providing the viewer with choices of what to watch
  • Gain useful viewer insight by including questions to encourage feedback
  • Use ‘turnstiles’ and contact forms to increase conversion
  • Powerful analytics to measure and improve video engagement

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