Dedicated video production studio in central london

From only £799 our studio in central London provides the ideal solution for producing high quality 'talking head' and interview style videos. We designed our studio video production service to be easy and cost-effective for your business.

Our £799 Studio service includes


1 hour studio time

Our studio in the heart of London provides the perfect facility for filming.


2 camera green screen

Two camera studio filming on green screen.


Background creation

Digital background and motion graphics created to suit your company branding or online video series.


2 hours editing

Fast turnaround editing - the video ready within 2 hours, and all delivered to our highest standard



To present the speech comfortably the speaker may read the script from an autocue.



Professional make-up to make the presenter look at their best in front of the camera.

Our Studio Video Production

Our video production studio near St Paul’s is all set to produce your corporate videos. You only need to describe your project, whether it is an interview, a testimonial, a ‘talking head’, a panel discussion, or a webinar, and come to our studio at a set day and time. Our friendly and experienced production team will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you to feel completely at ease during the filming process. We’ll work with you to design a production plan that works best for your story and shoot your video to deliver your message in the most effective way. Our video editing ‘portal’ allows you to review your videos during post-production and to send edit requests to the editor what results in a fast and easy video editing process. We are always happy to discuss all your project requirements and produce a compelling video to reach your marketing goals.

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Film a classic interview style video with two people or an 'off-camera' interview with the interviewer sitting behind the camera in our studio.

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Talking Head

A ‘talking head’ involves a presenter speaking to camera, sharing their insight, expressing an opinion, or communicating news. Animation added to a ‘talking head’ presentation helps to emphasise key points, making the video feel more dynamic and engaging.

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Video Testimonials provide evidence that your service or product bring benefits to your clients. Let your best customers speak how you actually do solve their problems.

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Panel Discussion

Whenever you need to shoot a panel with subject matter experts our studio is a perfect choice for that. We can also live stream your panel discussion to your audience.

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Live Webinar

Whether it is a webinar, or an internal comms webcast we will provide a professional and secure live streaming to any live streaming platform. We broadcast your webinar to Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

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One Person to Camera

The presenter is either speaking freely to the camera or reading from an autocue. It works best if the context of the communication is a direct message or instructional.

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