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Research suggests: People learn more effectively from an instructional video when the onscreen instructor draws graphics on the board while lecturing. This is called The Dynamic Drawing principle.

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Research has identified key reasons why the lightboard is such an effective learning tool

Gaze Guidance

This is where people learn better from a video lecture when the onscreen instructor shifts gaze between the audience and board whilst lecturing, as opposed to only looking at the audience or board. 

Gaze Guidance
Dynamic Drawing Principle

This states that people learn better from a video lecture when the onscreen instructor draws graphics on a board while lecturing, rather than referring to already drawn graphics 

Facial Expression & Gestures

Facial Expression and Gestures: The Lightboard takes advantage of the presenter’s personal style (gestures and speech) as they are continuously facing their audience. This allows them to better connect with and engage their audience and increase the retention of information. 


The Benefits of using Lightboards for Education

Live Stream To Your Class

Create a digital classroom where your students can benefit from the personalised learning style of face to face teaching whilst learning at home.

You can answer any questions live and have two-way, interactive conversations which are often lacking in other online learning formats.

Create Recorded Learning Content

Make learning more flexible by recording learning content that can be accessed whenever it is needed.

Recorded lightboard videos are a great way allowing students to learn at their own speed. They can be used for preparing useful revision content and for students with additional needs.

Teach Easily From Any Location

The design of the small learning glass means it is mobile, can be shared and can even be setup on any table at a teacher’s home. What’s more, you don’t need to be technical to use it, meaning that all teachers can now create high quality learning content independently.

Improve the Learning Experience

Capturing students’ attention is key to effective teaching. Why is the Learning Glass perfect for this? Because students can now enjoy a unique and fun style of learning. It captures their attention and makes content more memorable.

Better Connect with Your Students

The Learning Glass enables teachers to write as they speak, facing their students throughout the entire presentation. Research has proven that this visual connection encourages a better emotional connection between student and teacher which improves their retention of information.

Learning glass products

LGS33G Table Top Lightboard

Specs: 79cm x 48cm x 4cm, 4.5kg

Our 33”compact table-top lightboard can be set up on any horizontal surface in a matter of minutes. It’s light-weight, all-in-one design is easily transported for off-site/ at home presentations or recording.


Specs: 152cm x 79cm x 4cm, 23kg

The classic 66” Learning Glass lightboard is the best fit for any studio space. Easy to set up, it will attach to any table without the need to drill through the top.

See how it looks in practice.

Watch Professor Matt Anderson teach physics with The Learning Glass


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