COVID-19 Notice of Studio Operation

Give the current situation concerning COVID-19 we have reviewed our operational capability in order to deliver a minimum service while meeting the required safety guidelines.

If you have any questions concerning our studio operation at this time please email us at:

The measures we have implemented are as follows:

  • A maximum of two people, from a client, is permitted to attend a studio filming session at any one time.
  • All people within our facility should keep a safe distance apart, a minimum of 2 metres, as recommended by government guidelines.
  • All people entering the facility are required to wear a protective face mask. Removal of face mask should only be for presenting to camera.
  • Before entering the studio, all people are required to wash their hands thoroughly and apply hand disinfectant. We have washroom facilities available onsite and hand disinfectant gel.

Please note: The studio facility is cleaned and sterilised before and after every filming session.

We currently have a maximum of one crew member operating the studio. The services we can provide safely are as follows:

  • Lightboard filming with one presenter
  • Presenting to camera (one person)
  • Interviews with interviewer and interviewee – minimum 2 metres apart
  • Live streaming with maximum two presenters – minimum 2 metres apart or presenting separately

The presenter will be required to mic themselves up under the supervision of the crew member.

We will be operating under the government safety guidelines, keeping a distance at least 2 metres between all people within our facility, at all times.

Travel to the studio

The studio location can be found here:

Please follow government guidelines on public transport.

This is the closest car park to our studio, which is approximately 2-3 minutes’ walk away:

Additional consideration

We all hope the current situation will improve soon, but in the meantime, we would encourage people to only consider use of the studio for essential requirements.

Many thanks for your attention.