Animation Video Production


“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”

– Walt Disney Company

We’re all captivated by visual storytelling and animation. As children, animation films on the big screen and TV were an adventure that brought to life ancient fairy tales. Now as adults we easily relate to them, and in business they have become an effective marketing tool.

We will tell your story from the beginning to the end!

Most common uses of animation

Explain a technical solution

Describe a service or process

Create more engaging films

Our Proven Animation Process

We have a defined and proven animation video production model developed over several years. The first stage is for you to work on a draft script, which we’ll review and provide feedback on. Once this is ready we will meet you to discuss the ‘story’ and to understand the style and complexity of the animation required, as well as define the length of the video. Using this information, our animator will create a draft storyboard and sample animation for you to review and approve, and then finally, the whole animation is produced. The process from script to delivery of final animation is typically around 3-4 weeks.

1. Review of draft script & sign-off

2. Record voiceover & sign-off
3. Define animation style

4. Create a draft storyboard & sign-off
5. Review first animation scenes & provide feedback

6. Continue animation through to sign-off (this process often requires a few modifications)

If you think animation video would benefit your business, contact us for a free of charge consultation.

We’ll work through ideas with you and as an output we’ll provide a concept storyboard and quotation.

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The Talking Edge team were able to take my basic design vision, and turn it into a fantastic product animation. Smooth process, friendly team and outstanding end result.

Matt Torrens, Managing Director, Sprout IT

I have been really impressed by the professionalism and the creativity shown by Talking Edge. In my experience it's rare to find that combination but with Talking Edge they possess both in abundance. A pleasure to work with and very convenient being based in central London.

Will White, Director of Global Communications, Baker & McKenzie LLP

We had no experience of this kind of project but the Talking Edge guys helped us to understand how to put a script together that had real impact. We wanted something pretty short and punchy but we're also trying to get across a number of complex concepts which meant we were not an easy client but the team persevered in working through the best options with us until we had a finished product we were delighted with. Having a dedicated project manager, rather than always dealing directly with the creative team was critical in meeting our very ambitious deadline. The Talking Edge team were great to work with and totally focused on delivering what was right for our business rather than generating something that was within their comfort zone. We were never told something was "a problem" or "would be difficult", Talking Edge just got on with the job.

Ray Coyle, CEO, Grow Software