Live Streaming to Twitter (Numis Securities)

The Goal

The goal of Numis’ T500 event was to bring together a number of ‘Unicorn’ tech start-ups to pitch their businesses to potential investors. During the event, the client wanted to interview a selection of these people and live stream them via Twitter.

The Solution

We set up a suitable area at the venue with a branded backdrop and the various people being interviewed were brought to this area at scheduled times throughout the two days. The Interviews were then broadcast live to twitter so that Numis’ followers to watch and share the content.

More about using Twitter: Twitter offers great flexibility to start and stop the stream. Anyone could effectively join the stream, and the interviews were also immediately available as on-demand versions. These could be retweeted throughout the day with some of them reaching over 1000 views in 24 hours.

Location: Etc. Venues, Fenchurch Street
Crew: Two cameras + Vision Mixer

The Result

A common challenge for companies can be maximizing the production crews’ time. Having a well thought out production plan meant that we were able to capture over 30 interviews, exceeding the client’s expectations and delivering value for money.

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